in United Kingdom, Ireland, Isle of Man & Location Unknown


 Plymouth Naval Memorial, Devon

Alfred Twentyman Fleming, Greaser, 709850, H.M. Tug “David Gillies” Mercantile Marine Reserve, BEF died 5 May 1918. Plymouth Naval Memorial (30) *(1)
      Son of Ann Stoddart Fleming; husband of Jane Elizabeth Fleming of 14 Hallam St, Liverpool
[tree E114]

Joseph Fleming, Stoker 2nd Class, K/22024 Royal Navy, BEF died 1 November 1914. Plymouth Naval Memorial, Devon, UK (panel 3).

Martin Thomas Fleming,  Signaller, J/14984, Royal Navy H.M.S.”Hampshire”, BEF died 5 June 1916 aged 20. Plymouth Naval Memorial, Devon
      Son of Elizabeth Fleming of 36 Overstone Rd, Hammersmith, London and the late Lawrence Fleming.

William Wilson FlemingWilliam Wilson Fleming, Able Seaman, 212681, Royal Navy (RFR/DEV/B/5307) H.M.S. “Goliath”, BEF was killed in action 13 May 1915 aged 32. Plymouth Naval Memorial, Devon, UK (panel 5). *(1,3)
      Son of John Webber Fleming and Ann Boyle Fleming of Arbroath;                  husband of Beatrice Annie Fleming of 2 Murray Place, Arbroath
“William Wilson Fleming, HMS Goliath who was 32 years of age, was the son of John Webber Fleming and of his wife Annie Boyle, 69 Guthrie Port, Arbroath. He married Beatrice Annie Gaynor, and left two sons and one daughter. He joined the Navy in 1901, when quite young. Having passed for Able Seaman and having served for nearly thirteen years, he joined the Royal Fleet Reserve. For a short time he was auxiliary postman at Arbroath, but had been transferred to the regular staff at Forfar when war broke out and he was called up. He was lost when HMS Goliath was torpedoed in the Dardanelles on 12 March 1915”
Photo: Roll of Honour, Arbroath and District. 1914-1919


James Fleming, Private, 20276, Royal Scots 3rd Battalion, BEF died 7 Apr 1915 aged 28. Weymouth Cemetery, Dorset, U.K. *(1,3)
      Son of Mr and Mrs H Fleming, Pitcairn Cottages, Almondbank, Perthshire. born Auchtergaven, Perth


Jonathan Frederick Fleming, Rifleman, C/650, King’s Royal Rifle Corps 16th Battalion, BEF died 30 Mar 1916. Sunderland (Southwick) Cemetery, Durham (C. “C” 885.)
     Son of George William and Ellen Fleming of 3 The King’s Road, Southwick.

Wilfred Robert Fleming, Private, G/29484, Royal Irish Fusiliers 3rd (Reserve) Garrison Battalion, BEF died 14 August 1918. Hartlepool North Cemetery, UK (Screen wall) *(1,7)
      Born Southport, Lancashire


Haslar Royal Naval Memorial

T Fleming, Trimmer, Mercantile Marine Reserve H.M.S. :King Orry”, BEF died 15 August 1915 aged 21. Haslar Royal Naval Cemetery, UK (E.23.12.)

Hollybrook Memorial, Southampton’

James Fleming, Lance Corporal, 20410, Royal Engineers, BEF died 5 November 1919. Hollybrook Memorial, Southampton, UK *(1,10)

Netley Military Cemetery, Hampshire

E Fleming, Pioneer, 125112, Royal Engineers 11th Labour Battalion, BEF died 16 November 1915. Netley Military Cemetery (R.C.865.)

Portsmouth Naval Memorial

Alfred Robert Fleming, Petty Officer, 180617, Royal Navy H.M. Submarine “E30”, BEF was killed in action 22 November 1916 aged 37. Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Hampshire (panel 11)
      Medaille Militaire (France). Husband of Annie Fleming of 44 Prince George St, Portsea, Portsmouth
[tree S6]

Andrew Fleming, Able Seaman, ClydeZ/7549, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve H.M.S. “Invincible”, BEF died 31 May 1916 aged 23. Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Hampshire (panel 24) *(1,3)
      Son of James and Margaret Fleming of Kennoway Rd, Windygates, Fife

Thomas Frederick Stewart Flemming, Lieutenant, Royal Navy, H.M.S. “Invincible”, BEF died 31 May 1916 aged 22. Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Hampshire. (panel 11)


 Chatham Naval Memorial, Kent

Andrew Sutherland Fleming, Stoker 1st Class, K/26046, Royal Navy H.M.S. “Surprise”, BEF killed in action 23 December 1917 aged 34. Chatham Naval Memorial, Kent, UK *(1, 12)
      Son of Alexander and Margaret Sutherland Fleming of Tollcross, Glasgow

Ernest Edward Fleming, Leading Seaman, 226961, Royal Navy H.M.S. “Laforey”, BEF was killed in action 23 March 1917. Chatham Naval Memorial, Kent, UK *(1, 12)
[tree E8]

George James Fleming, Officer’s Steward 1st Class, L/4352, HMS Good Hope, Royal Navy, BEF died 1 November 1914 aged 22. Chatham Naval Memorial, Kent, UK (panel 7) *(1,8,12,22,23)
George James Fleming died when HMS Good Hope was sunk with all hands at the Battle of Coronel off the Chilean coast.  Named after his grandfather he was born 1892 the youngest of three sons to Arthur James Fleming, billiard maker of Peckham & Emily Maria nee Musk. On enlistment he was a 5’71/2″ tall valet with brown hair, green eyes and a fresh complexion. (In July 1915 his brother Frederick Charles Fleming, 452425, enlisted in the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force. Frederick, 5’6″, dark hair and complexion with hazel eyes, had married Edith Tuchener and emmigrated to Toronto with son Frederick James in 1909. Frederick survived the war and returned to Canada by 1921.)
[tree E152]

John H Fleming, Canteen Assistant, Admiralty Civilian H.M.S. “Hampshire”, BEF died 5 Jun 1916 aged 19. Chatham Naval Memorial, Kent (panel 20
      Son of M A Fleming of 11 Buller St, Grimsby, Lincolnshire and the late John F Fleming.


Charles Fleming, Stoker 2nd Class, K/53892, H.M.S. Vivid Royal Navy, BEF died 28 September 1918 aged 25. Manchester Southern Cemetery, UK (T.CE.525) *(1)
      Son of Edward and Jane Fleming of 5 Bright St, City Road, Hulme, Manchester

Ernest Kingston Fleming, Engineer Lieutenant, Royal Navy H.M.S. “Glorious”, BEF died 20 March 1919 aged 30. Liverpool (Toxteth Park) Cemetery (IV.N.C.328.) *(1)
      Son of John and Frances Margaret Hatch Fleming; husband of Susan Hutton Fleming of 81 Errol St, St          Michael’s Liverpool.

George Verner Fleming, Private, 30800,The King’s (Liverpool Regiment) 17th Battalion, BEF died 13 August 1916 aged 19. Liverpool (Anfield) Cemetery, Lancashire (XIV.C.1077.)
      son of Arthur E and Rosa Fleming of 73 Chatswood Avenue, Aintree, Liverpool

Joseph Fleming, Sergeant, 198, Highland Light Infantry 1st/5th Battalion, BEF died 17 November 1915. Manchester Southern Cemetery, Lancashire*(1,3)
      born Lesmahagow Lanarkshire

T W Fleming, Gunner, 132264, Royal Garrison Artillery, BEF died 10 January 1919 aged 27. Liverpool (Kirkdale) Cemetery, UK (V.C.E.1458.)
      Son of Mr & Mrs C Fleming of 33 Towson St, Everton, Liverpool


John Fleming, Private, 491, Lincolnshire Regiment 10th Battalion, BEF died 22 May 1915 aged 22. Grimsby (Scartho Road) Cemetery, Lincolnshire.
[tree E176]

R Fleming, Private, 40687, 9th Battalion Essex Regiment, BEF died 13 January 1918. Grimsby (Scartho Road) Cemetery, UK (76.M.II.) *(1)
[tree E176]


Alfred Stalker Fleming, 1st Engineer, Mercantile Marine, S.S. “Warsong” (London) died 15 January 1918 aged 41. Tower Hill Memorial, UK *(1)
      Son of the late John  and Ann Fleming; husband of Mary Hannah nee Cogdon of 61 Bede St,        Roker, Sunderland. Born Sunderland.

Andrew Fleming, 2nd Engineer, Mercantile Marine H.M.H.T. “Orsova” (Glasgow) who died 14 March 1917 aged 36. Tower Hill Memorial, London, UK *(1)
      Son of Annie Fleming and the late Archibald Fleming; husband of Rosie Eliza Fleming (nee Lewis), 54          Orsett Road, Grays, Essex; born at Govan.

Arthur Fleming, 2nd Engineer, Mercantile Marine S.S. “Trinidad” (London) died 22 March 1918 aged 43. Tower Hill Memorial, UK *(1)
      Son of the late John Murray Fleming and Alice Sarah Fleming; husband of Evelyn Gordon Fleming (nee        Stewart) of 10 Wood Green Road, Stonecroft, Liverpool; born Liverpool
[tree E57]

D Fleming, Fireman and Trimmer, S.S. “Wellington” (Cardiff) Mercantile Marine died 17 September 1918. Tower Hill Memorial *(1)

George Fleming,  Fourth Engineer Officer, Mercantile Marine S.S. Strathnairn (Glasgow) who died 15 June 1915 aged 21. Tower Hill Memorial, London, UK. *(1,3)
      Stepbrother of Miss Sydney Mcintyre of 23 Whitehead St, Paisley.  Born Paisley.

Gordon Fleming, Private, T/459698, Royal Army Service Corps, BEF died 1 November 1920 aged 34. Streatham Park Cemetery, UK (Screen wall. 9. 10557.) *(1)
      Son of Hugh Fleming

Herbert Fleming, Able Seaman, Mercantile Marine S.S. “Lusitania” (Liverpool) who died 7 May 1915 aged 18. Tower Hill Memorial, London, UK.
      Son of the late John Thomas and Hannah Fleming. Born at Manchester.

Herbert Otto Flemming, Captain, London Regiment 9th Battalion, BEF who died 7 May 1915 aged 33. Hampstead Cemetery, London (C.10.82.) *(1,5)
      Husband of Olga G Flemning of 38 Canfield Gardens, Hampstead, London. Lived/Born in South                    Hampstead
[tree E21]

J Fleming, Private, 38733, 5th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment, BEF died 12 August 1918. Leytonstone (St Patrick’s) Roman Catholic Cemetery, London (XI.A.3.36.) *(1)

James Fleming, Fireman, Mercantile Marine SS “Galicia” (London), BEF died 10 June 1917 aged 30. Tower Hill Memorial, London, UK. *(1)
       Son of Isabella Fleming and the late William Fleming; husband of Mary Ann Fleming (nee   Smith), of           32, Nelson St., Inverness. Born at Inverness. 1

John Fleming, Donkeyman, Mercantile Marine SS “Batoum” (Swansea) died 19 June 1917 aged 55. Tower Hill Memorial, London, UK *(1)
      Son of the late Thomas and Julia Fleming; husband of Margaret Fleming (nee Maher) of 3 Bank St,                Stirling. Born at Stirling.
[tree IR41]

Joseph Fleming,  Cook, Steam Drifter “Copius”,Mercantile Marine, UK who died 3 November 1914 aged 26. Tower Hill Memorial, London, UK.
      Son of Joseph Fleming and the late Alice Fleming; husband of Florence May Fleming (nee Payne), of            2 Stone Rd, Great Yarmouth. Born Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.
[tree E13]

Peter Fleming, Ship’s Cook, Mercantile Marine SS “Cordova” (Sunderland) who died 12 December 1917 aged 59. Tower Hill Memorial, London, UK.
      Born at Greenock

Robert Wallace Fleming, First Engineer, Mercantile Marine S.S. Jacona (Dundee) who died 12 August 1915 aged 42. Tower Hill Memorial, London, UK *(1,3)
      Son of the late Alexander and Mary Fleming (nee Lindsay). Born at Broughty Ferry.

Robert William Fleming,  Second Engineer, Mercantile Marine Steam Trawler “Cruiser” (Granton) who died 2 May 1915 aged 41. Tower Hill Memorial, London, UK. *(1,3)
      Son of the late William  and Sophia Jane Fleming; husband of Mary Fleming nee Milne of 39 Clair St,            Aberdeen. Born at Aberdeen.

Royal Edmund Fleming, Deckhand, Mercantile Marine Fishing Vessel “Zarina” (Grimsby) who died 7 April 1915 aged 22. Tower Hill Memorial, London, UK
      Son of Anne Fleming, 1 North Cottages, Skeeton Road, York. Born at Scarborough
[tree E13]

William Robert Fleming, 1st Engineer, S.S. “Lorle” (West Hartlepool) Mercantile Marine died 11 June 1918 aged 55. Tower Hill Memorial *(1)
      Husband of Jeanie Clark Crockatt Fleming (nee McWalter) of 3 South Tay St, Dundee; born at       Melbourne, Australia


Wellington General Cemetery, Shropshire

H J Fleming, Private, 15412, King’s Shropshire Light Infantry 7th Battalion, BEF died 19 December 1916. Wellington General Cemetery, Shropshire (4.2911)


Cannock Chase War Cemetery, Staffordshire

Eric Power Fleming, Rifleman, 80158, New Zealand Rifle Brigade (Res), NZREF died 7 November 1918 aged 20. Cannock Chase War Cemetery, Staffordshire (4.H.9.) *(1,4)
      Son of John Edward and Elizabeth Fleming, of 106 Upper Hansen Road, Upper Riccarton,                              Christchurch, New Zealand    
[tree E1]

William Kelland Le Fleming, Private, 79462, NZEF 41st Reinforcements F Company who died  of  disease 9 November 1918 aged 31. Cannock Chase War Cemetery Staffordshire (4.H.14) *(1,4)
      Son of Sir William Hudleston Le Fleming, 9th Bart., and Lady Le Fleming, of “Rydal Manor,” Rawhiti            St., Vogeltown, New Plymouth, New Zealand.
[tree Rydal]


Felixstowe New cemetery, Suffolk

Frederick Charles Fleming, Private, 33110, “Z” Company 3rd Battalion Essex Regiment, BEF died 4 January 1917 aged 19. Felixstowe New Cemetery, Suffolk, UK (C.92) *(1)
      Son of George and Deliliah Fleming, of 2, Radley Lane, High Rd., South Woodford, Essex.
[tree E91]


Brookwood Military Cemetery, Pirbright, Surrey

Alfred Claude Matthew Flemming, Private, 194, 51st Battalion AIF who died of wounds 17 November 1917 aged 21. Brookwood Military Cemetery, Pirbright, Surrey (XI.B.23) *(1,2)
      Son of Robert and Mary Ann Flemming of Elliott, Burnie, Tasmania. Native of Tasmania
Brother of John Flemming (1917 q.v.)

J Fleming, Staff Sergeant, R/311391, No2 Remount Depot (Woolwich) Royal Army Service Corps, BEF died 26 May 1919 aged 45. Brookwood Military Cemetery, UK (XII.B.9A.) *(1)
      Son of Luke Fleming and Mary Wallace his wife

Tablets of the missing, Brookwood American cemetery, surrey

Allen Fleming, Jr, Seaman, USS Manley, AEF, enlisted Georgia. Missing in Action, Died 19 Mar 1919. Cemetery: Tablets of the Missing, Brookwood American Cemetery, Brookwood, England.

Englefield green Cemetery, Surrey

A S Fleming, Lieutenant, Canadian Forestry Corps, CEF died 10 September 1918 aged 20. Englefield Green Cemetery, Surrey (9.285.) *(1)
      Allan Seed Fleming #297042 died while motorcycle riding in the UK


H G M Fleming, Sergeant, WR/25815, Royal Engineers, BEF died 21 March 1920 aged 32. Bath (Locksbrook) Cemetery (P.D.2.) *(1)
      Son of Mr and Mrs George Fleming of Warminster; husband of Ethel Eliza Fleming of 16 Berkley St,             Walcot,

Henry Roland Fleming, 2nd Lieutenant, Royal Flying Corps, BEF died 24 November 1914. Amesbury Cemetery, Wiltshire, UK (Row 7, Grave 328) *(1,3,16)

Photo: Royal Aero Club’s Aviators Certificates
[tree IR38]


Thomas Fleming, Private, 18143, “C” Company 11th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment, BEF died 8 July 1917 aged 30. Dudley Borough Cemetery, Worcestershire, UK (F.810) *(1)
       Son of Charles and Elizabeth Fleming of Dudley
[tree E131]


W Fleming, Private, 200259, 1st/4th Duke of Wellington’s (West Riding Regiment), BEF died 13 December 1918 aged 47. Illingworth Methodist Chapelyard (Old Ground 6.48.) *(1)
      Husband of Martha Ann Fleming of 3 Utley Square, Ovenden, Halifax

W Fleming, Private, 40700, King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 3rd Battalion, BEF died 5 October 1916. Cross Lanes United Methodist Chapelyard, Yorkshire (near north boundary)


J Fleming, Private, 1614, Connaught Rangers Depot, BEF died 23 November 1918. Tipperary (St Michael’s) New Cemetery (E.H.107.) *(1)

John Fleming, Private, 3895, Royal Irish Regiment 2nd Garrison Battalion, BEF died 30 March 1916 aged 46. Grangegorman Military Cemetery, County Dublin, Eire. *(1,7)
      Husband of Mary Anne Fleming of 12 Grant’s Row, Lower Mount St, Dublin.; born St James Dublin

John Fleming, Seaman, 2320/A (Dev), Royal Naval Reserve H.M.S. “Laurentic”, BEF killed when his vessel struck a mine off the Irish Coast 25 January 1917 aged 25. Upper Fahan (St Mura’s) Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Donegal, Eire. *(1, 12)

Joseph Fleming, Private, H/73785, 7th (South Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Regiment , BEF died Oswestry 24 February 1919 aged 32. Naas (St Corban’s) Catholic Cemetery, Co. Kildare (E.13.133.) *(1,7)
Brother of Corporal Frederick Fleming, U.S. Army (1918 q.v.)

M Fleming, Private, 210160, 8th Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers, BEF died 3 Mar 1918. Grange Gorman Military Cemetery, Eire (RC.553.) *(1,7)
      Husband of E M Fleming of 9 Upper Dominick St, Dublin


G K Fleming, Private, 357282, 2nd/10th Battalion The King’s (Liverpool Regiment), BEF died 14 November 1918. Kirk Christ Lezayre (Holy Trinity) Churchyard, Isle of Man (Old Yard, South Side, East side of path) *(1)

Northern Ireland

James Fleming, Private, 8131, “A” Company 2nd Battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, BEF died 8 June 1919 aged 33. Macosquin (St Mary) Church of Ireland Churchyard (On Northeast boundary), Coleraine, Co. Londonderry *(1)
      Son of John and Matilda Fleming; born at Ringrash, Macosquin

William James Fleming, Lance Corporal, 14062, 11th Battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, BEF died 8 June 1918 aged 22. Colebrooke (Church of Ireland) Parish Churchyard, Co Fermanagh*(1)
      Son of Hugh and Anna Fleming of Tattykeeran, Tempo, Co Fermanagh


Alexander Fleming, Seaman,  2730/D, H.M.S. “Victory” Royal Naval Reserve, BEF died 3 February 1921 aged 38. Wick Cemetery, UK (N.662.) *(1)
      Son of Alexander Fleming; husband of Isabella Fleming of 142 Arundell  St, London, Ontario, Canada;          born at Wick

Andrew Imrie Fleming, Private, 12019, 5th Battalion The Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders, BEF died 5 March 1919. Kilbirnie Burial Ground, UK (C.6.) *(1)

Bruce Fleming, Engineer Sub-Lieutenant, Royal Naval Reserve H.M.S. “Teutonic”, BEF who died 30 November 1916 aged 26. Voe Old Churchyard, Shetland. *(1)
      Son of Charles Henry William Fleming and the late Alice Fleming.

Charles Elphingstone/Elphinstone Fleming, Major, Royal Army Medical Corps, BEF died 2 March 1915 age 40. Rutherglen Cemetery, Lanarkshire. *(1,3)
      Son of the late John and Isabella Fleming; husband of Hilda Fleming of 2 St Helens Towers, Southsea,          Hants.
[tree S58]

J W Fleming, 2nd Corporal, 76508, 13th Airline Section Royal Engineers, BEF died 25 November 1918 aged 25. Glasgow Eastern Necropolis (8.5383.) *(1)
      Son of Mrs Jessie Fleming of 30 Knightswood Rows, Anniesland, Glasgow

James Fleming, Private, S/22401, 4th Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, BEF died 31 May 1918. Renfrew (Arkleston) Cemetery, Scotland (B.J13.) *(1)
      Son of Mrs Mary Fleming, of “Daisy Bank”, Sandy Road, Renfrew; born Renfrew

John Fleming, Sergeant, 400006, 404th Field Company Royal Engineers, BEF died 19 February 1919 aged 27. Glasgow Western Necropolis (P.3239.) *(1)
      Son of Allan and Barbara Cuthbert Fleming of 45 Agnes St Maryhill, Glasgow; born at Dundee.
See also his brother, Private Alllan Fleming (1915 q.v.)
[tree S70]

John G Fleming, Private, 46204, 13th Battalion Royal Scots, BEF died of wounds 30 August 1917 aged 25. Rutherglen Cemetery, Scotland (M.298.) *(1,3)
      Son of David Fleming, 22 Castle St, Rutherglen
[tree S61]

Robert Fleming, Private, 4855, Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) 4th Battalion, BEF died 29 February 1916. Dundee Western Cemetery, Angus, UK*(1,3)
      Born Dundee
[tree S71]

Robert John Fleming, Lieutenant, Royal Flying Corps, BEF died 29 January 1918. Edinburgh (Dean or Western) Cemetery, UK *(1)
From his entry in De Ruvigny’s Roll of Honour, “second son of  William Fleming of 20 East Claremont St, Edinburgh by his wife Agnes, dau of Robert Shillinglaw; b 4 Jun 1898 ; educ Edinburgh Institution ; and Daniel Stewart’s  College; was apprenticed to a firm of Civil Engineers; joined the Royal Scots in Feb 1915; served with the Egyptian Expeditionary Force from Sep 1915; proceeded to France in May 1916, but not being the age for field service, he was sent home to join a battalion of the Seaforth Highlanders ; shortly afterwards became a cadet in the RFC ; gazetted 2nd Lieut in that force 21 Oct 1917 and was killed at Dartford 29 Jan 1918 in an aeroplane accident. Buried in the Dean Cemetery, Edinburgh. His Commanding Officer wrote: He was a most cheerful and fearless officer and very promising pilot.”

W J Fleming, Corporal, 562718, Royal Engineers, BEF died 4 February 1919. Glasgow Southern Necropolis (41) *(1)

William Fleming, Private, S/21002, 1st Battalion The Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders, BEF died of wounds 4 March 1919 aged 27. Glasgow (Lambhill) Cemetery, UK (C.708.) *(1,3)
      Husband of Margaret Fleming of 101 Westerhill St, Kippochhill, Glasgow; born Barony, Lanarkshire

William James Culbard Fleming, Captain, 6th Battalion Gordon Highlanders, BEF died 2 December 1918. Keith (Broomhill) Cemetery (L.40.) *(1)
Brother of Ian Grant Fleming (1917 q.v.)
[tree S83]


A W Fleming, Able Seaman, 239700, Royal Navy on HMS Patrol, BEF. Killed in action with German Fleet off Hartlepool, 16 Dec 1914

Henry Townshend Fleming, Major, Lancashire Fusiliers, BEF died 13 Dec 1916 *(3) – Location unknown

Hugh Fleming, Private, M2/133314, Royal Army Service Corps, BEF died of wounds 25 September 1917. *(3)

J Fleming, Lance Corporal, S/21856, Cameron Highlanders 8th Battalion, BEF died 21 March 1916. Inveresk Parish Churchyard, Midlothian

Jack Fleming, Sapper, 42083. New Zealand Engineers, NZREF. DOD  8 October 1916 UK. Walton on Thames Cemetery, Surrey. *(1,4)
      Husband of J Fleming of Glendonie Road, St Helier’s Bay, Auckland.

James Fleming, Seaman, Kitchener P/861, Hawke Battalion, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, BEF who died after demob. September 1921 *(11)

Joseph Fleming, 2nd Lieutenant, Highland Light Infantry 6th Battalion, BEF killed in action 15 September 1916.  *(3)

Patrick Fleming, Private, 7700, 1st Battalion Connaught Rangers, BEF killed in action France 26 April 1915. *(7)
      Born St Andrew’s Dublin

Patrick C Fleming, Private, 10912, Irish Guards 2nd Battalion, BEF killed in action France 12 January 1917. *(7,25,27,28)
      Born Killarney, co Kerry

Peter Fleming, Private, 3594, Royal Irish Fusiliers 1st Battalion, BEF killed in action France 21 Mar 1918 *(7)
      Born Ballybot, Co Armagh

Richard Fleming, AEF died France 23 July 1918. *(7)

Robert Fleming, Private, 4270, 4th Leinster Regiment, BEF died of wounds France 9 June 1917 *(1,7)
      Born St Patrick’s, Limerick/ bn st John’s Limerick

Thomas Fleming, Lance Corporal, 19830, 1st Royal Dublin Fusiliers, BEF killed in action France 29 March 1918 *(1,7)
      Born Williamstown, Co Galway

Thomas Fleming, Gunner, 69359, Royal Field Artillery, BEF died of wounds 2 October 1917 *(7)
      Born Gowel, Co Mayo    
[tree IR53]

William Joseph Fleming, Private, 386907, Labour Corps (formerly Royal Irish Regiment), BEF died of wounds 14 October 1918 *(7)
      Born Shankhill, Co Antrim

William Henry Fleming, or Flemme, Private, 27832, 7th Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment, BEF died in France 24 Aug 1918
Son of Herman Flemme who received a war gratuity and is remembered on the Hull war memorial but not found in the Commonwealth War Grave Commission website.