World War I

Last 35 names added to the Fleming Honor Roll

In November 2018 the National Archives and Records Adminsistration (NARA) of the United States placed online the digital images of burial cards for their servicemen who died during World War I.

Significantly, they include casualties who are not recorded on the  American Battle Monuments Commission website. These men were sent home for re-burial in the United States. The cards make it possible to trace them and their families through other records. 

Along with their name, rank, unit, service number and date of death are cause of death, next of kin and burial arrangements.  There were thirty five Fleming families who accepted the government’s offer to repatriate their son home for re-burial. The location of many of these graves is still unknown. You can see the list at and the updated map and chart at Read more

Starting 2020.

Welcome to the new year and new directions in your research!

The Guild of One Name Studies is giving interested members a challenge to start the year…. can I write ten blog posts in three months?

We shall see!  There’s often a bright new shiny thing or a rabbit hole to trip me up but this is just the inspiration I need to get started.  I look forward to sharing some of the unheralded people and places connected to the Fleming name.

Most of last year and the year before I’ve been adding faces and families to the Fleming casualties of World War I.  Little did I know there are even more men to be included! Read more