Starting 2020.

Welcome to the new year and new directions in your research!

The Guild of One Name Studies is giving interested members a challenge to start the year…. can I write ten blog posts in three months?

We shall see!  There’s often a bright new shiny thing or a rabbit hole to trip me up but this is just the inspiration I need to get started.  I look forward to sharing some of the unheralded people and places connected to the Fleming name.

Most of last year and the year before I’ve been adding faces and families to the Fleming casualties of World War I.  Little did I know there are even more men to be included! Read more

Hello world!

Well here we are! A brand new home and so happy to be here!
The Guilid of One-Name Studies last year established it’s own hosting to enable member studies to publish and archive their research now and into the future, long after I’m gone.

I can’t thank the Rootsweb community enough for hosting the original site for well over ten years. It’s still there, but looking very rejected so when I figure out how to access it now without coding skills or MS Frontpage any more…it will retire.